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Story by blackknightroxas


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March 15, 2010
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Flynn/Fletcher Home

Linda was in the garage blowing up many colorful balloons for the annual Danville vegtable sculpting contest and she was in charge of decorations. Though after blowing up one, she ran out of breath due to blowing so hard.

"Hey mom." Phineas greeted as he and his half brother Ferb.

"Oh, hi boys." Linda greeted, a bit out of breath.

"Having some problems with the decorations?" Phineas asked.

"Oh, just these balloons." Linda told her son and step son. "I need to inflate all 100 balloons by 2:00 this afternoon."

"Do you think we can help?" Phineas asked.

"Maybe." Linda said before looking at them like she knows something. "If you invent something like you been doing every day up to here?"

Phineas and Ferb looked at their mother/step mother.

"You noticed what we do every day?" Phineas asked.

"I get a bill of everything you bought for your inventions." Linda said, showing them the bill from their last project. "But for some reason, they're paid for and not from my bank account. Or your father's."

"Well, there was the money we saved from the lemonade stand we did some summers ago." Phineas said.

"Lemonade stand?" Linda asked. "You made $4,000.00 through a lemonade stand?"

"Well, we made more than $4,000.00." Ferb spoke. "If you combine it with other stands we did for the past summers up to this one."

"Other... stands?" Linda questioned before looking at the bill. "Well, at least you you didn't blow a hole in my whole bank account... unlike a certain someone's cell phone bill." She was referring to Candace's many, MANY, MANY phone calls.

"Uh, mom?" Phineas asked.

Linda turned her attention to her son and step son. "Sorry." she said. "So, you think you got an idea on what to make?"

Ferb was busy making the plans.

"Don't worry mom, we know what we're doing." Phineas said, smiling before he and Perb went to get parts. "Be right back mom!"

"Kay!" Linda said.

Unknown to the boys, Candace was looking at them leaving. "Ooooooooh, what are they up to?" she asked. "Better wait until they get home."

20 Minutes Later

Phineas and Ferb returned with the tools they needed to help their mother out.

"We're bac..." Phineas spoke before realizing Linda wasn't there.

There was a note on the floor for the two.

"There's a note." Phineas said, picking the note up.

"Dear Boys. Had to get some more decorations. Be back later. Start the invention. Love Mom."

"Guess we better get started then Ferb." Phineas said.

The boys began to build the device for their mother.

Unbeknownst to the boys, Candace was spying on them. "Not this time twreps." she said quietly as she began to call her mother before noticing something. "What the... phone call canceled? What's going on?"

"Boys?!" Linda asked, returning home.

Candace noticed her mother returning and smiled. "Gotcha." she spoke, walking away.

Linda carried some decorations into the house.

"Mom, mom, mom, mom!" Candace responded. "You gotta see what Phine..."

"Candace, not now." Linda said, angry. "I got to get these decorations in the garage."

"The garage?! Yes!" Candace exclaimed.

Linda entered the garage to see the boys putting the finishing touches on the invention.

"Hey mom." Phineas greeted. "We've completed the invention for ya."

"See mom, they're al..." Candace started before realizing something. "Wait what?"

"Thanks boys." Linda said, before looking at the invention. "Isn't it a bit big?"

"Well, it's made to inflate multiple balloons." Phineas explained. "Watch." He grabbed a deflated balloon and placed it through the entrace hatch, seeing it go to the glass tube before a pink cloud sprayed through the balloon. In an instant, the cloud cleared and revealed the same balloon now fully inflated and tied up.

"Wow!" Linda exclaimed.

The balloon was then ejected through the second hatch, but it didn't seem to pop to float.

"Umm... why isn't it popping or floating away?" Linda asked.

"Well, the gas was made to make it inflate but have the balloon be un poppable and last very long." Phineas explained. "As for the reason why it's not floating away... well, here." He grabbed the balloon and placed it on a nozzle and turned the knob attached to it before turning it again in the opposite direction and tying a string at the nozzle, the balloon suddenly floating.

"Wow, that is really nice of ya." Linda said. "Thanks boys."

"Your welcome mom." Phineas said.

Candace blinked a bit, trying to figure out what was going on.

"So, the balloon goes in here?" Linda asked, about to look in the hatch before Phineas came.

"Oh you don't want to do that mom." Phineas told his mother.

"Why?" Linda asked.

"It's a super suction so powerful, it'll suck you into the machine and cause the inflation process to happen to you." Phineas explained.

"Really?" Linda asked.

Phineas noded. "And to make sure that doesn't happen, we plan on disassembling the machine after the balloons are fully inflated." he said.

Candace came over. "Mom?" she asked. "What are you doing?"

Linda turned to her teenage daughter. "Setting the decorations for the fair." she told Candace. "I have to inflate al..."

"Why aren't you busting Phineas and Ferb?!" Candace questioned in a bit of crazy anger.

"Bust them?" Linda asked, confused. "What are you talking about?"

Candace growled. "Don't you see that they built this invention without your permission, without your knowing?!" she questioned, walking towards the machine, mainly where the entry port was. "They do this all the time and it drives me CRAZY!!" She prepared to slam her fists at the machine, but she was suddenly suctioned into the machine.

"Uh oh." Phineas and Linda said together.

Candace blinked before banging on the glass, yelling.

Suddenly, the pink spray from earlier came out and sprayed Candace in a think, pink cloud, causing her to expand and inflate.

"Oh boy." Linda said.

From inside the machine, a popping sound was heard as the smoke showed Candace's inflation process.

Soon, the pink cloud was sucked in, revealing Candace as a large, human balloon. Her clothes formed nicely on her body with her skirt now formed as pants to conceal her panties, though her feet managed to not get covered. On a side note, a portion of her former skirt formed a little balloon nozzle on her groin.

Candace yelled as she noticed her inflated form.

"Oh... dear." Linda said.

Phineas and Ferb opened the hatch, only to hear Candace screaming and complaining.


"Candace, calm down." Linda said. "It's your fault you got inflated."

"MY FAULT?!" Candace yelled.

"Well, you didn't listen to Phineas's warning." Linda said. "Thus, you got what you deserve."

"WHAT?!" Candace questioned in shock.

Linda grabbed Candace, being now light, and roll her away. "You boys mind doing the balloons for me?" she asked. "I need to finish the other decorations after I send Candace to her room, with no phone calls for a week."

"Huh?" Candace asked as she was rolled away.

"Sure thing mom." Phineas said.

Linda rolled the Candace balloon up to her room before leaving to finish decorating the fair.

Phineas and Ferb gathered the other 99 balloons and placed them through the entryway into the machine, where the pink gas inflated all the balloons before clearing. They then grabbed all the balloons one by one and began to fill them with helium, tying strings with sand bags on them.

"Hey Phineas." The boys' friend, Isabella, greeted as she arrived.

"Hey Isabella." Phineas greeted.

"Whatcha doing?" Isabella asked.

"Inflating balloons for the fair for our mom." Phineas said as he and Ferb inflated helium into the ballons. "Hey, that's a new color for you."

"What this?" Isabella asked, noting that she was wearing a blue version of her usual pink dress, bow, and belt. "Thanks. My usual clothes are in the wash so I thought I'd wear this one instead."

"Looks good on you." Phineas said.

Isabella giggled and blushed a little. "Thanks." she said.

Candace continue screaming about her inflated perdicament in her room.

"What's wrong with Candace?" Isabella asked.

"Oh, she kinda got herself inflated and mom put her up in her room." Phineas told Isabella. "Seems she hasn't gotten over it yet."

"Inflated?" Isabella asked. "Like into a balloon?"

"Yep." Phineas said.

Isabella smiled. "Sounds like fun." she said. "Mind if I try it out?"

"Really?" Phineas questioned. "Well, okay."

"Cool." Isabella said, with a smile. "So how do I inflate?"

"This machine will inflate you." Phineas told Isabella. "You'll just get sucked in through here, then a pink cloud of special inflating spray will inflate you like a balloon."

"Okay." Isabella said, opening the hatch and getting sucked into the machine.

Suddenly, the pink gas poofed and engulfed Isabella, causing her to expand and inflate much like Candace minus her height. As she inflated, her belt snapped off and her skirt formed like pants to prevent her panties being shown. Soon, the gas was sucked back into the machine, revealing Isabella to be a big, helpless, blue and white human balloon.

"Cool." Phineas said.

Isabella looked at her newly inflated form. "Oh wow, this feel so airy and..." she said, giving her form a lil poke. "Hehe, squishy."

Phineas opened the hatch and grabbed Isabella's hand." After you, milady." he said.

Isabella blushed and giggled cooingly as she was escorted out of the machine onto the soft grass. "Hehe, thank you kind sir." she said. "Might you and Ferb have a lil rolling with me?"

"Okay." Phineas said as he gently tipped Isabella onto her back before rolling her to Ferb in a game of catch.

Isabella giggled as she was rolled by Phineas and Ferb.

Candace looked out through her window, seeing the three have fun. "Grr... why didn't mom bust them?!" she asked herself. "They invented soem machien that turns humans into balloons and they used it on Isabella! Why would mom not bust them for that?! GRRRR!!! THIS IS ALL ONE BIG..."

Candace's Room; Night.

Candace woke up in shock and fear. She looked at herself and found that she hadn't inflated at all. "Phew, it was only a dream." she said to herself, going back to sleep.

Next Morning, Dining Room

"And then I got sucked into the machine and got inflated by that strange pink gas..." Candace explained to her family about her dream. "And then..."

Linda wrote in her notepad of Candace's dream, thinking she had gone crazy... for the 386th time.

"Wow, that's some dream Candace." Phineas said. "Hey, you never mentioned if Perry was in the dream."

Perry did his usal growl.

"Well, he wasn't in the dream, but Isabella was and you two inf..." Candace began before the doorbell rang.

"Isabella's here!" Phineas said as he and Ferb ran to the front door and opened it.

Isabella, still inflated and wearing her blue and white outfit, waddled in. "Hey Phineas." she greeted.

Candace looked and her eyes widen as she saw Isabella. "No... no... it's real!" she responded as she ran away, screaming.

Linda came in and looked at the three. "Huh, thought she knew about Isabella's lil accident?" she questioned.

"Well, she is still in shock from her dream." Ferb said.

My first Phineas and Ferb inflation ficm with Candace and Isabella as the balloon victims.

I couldn't come up with a Perry side story so, this is all you'll get. Apoligies to all fans of the show.

Phineas and Ferb characters belong to Disney.
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