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Studio Kitchen

The mistress of inflation herself, Toferette, had entered a kitchen set in the studio, holding a note.

The note said that she was to meet the sender here during the after noon for she was gonna get a surprise, a really big one with the word big in quotes.

"Hmmm... who'd sent me this note anyway?" Toferette asked herself, looking around.

In the middle of the stage there was a large, cardboard box with it's opening slightly closed.

"Huh? What the...?" Toferette questioned as she saw the box, going to it. "What the heck's in the box?" She then opened the box.

Suddenly, confetti erupted from within the box, surprising Toferette.

"ACK! What the?!?!" Toferette questioned as she swiped at the confetti from her face.

Suddenly, a hose plugged itself into Toferette's mouth, air rushing into her body from the hose.

"MMPH?!" Toferette responded in surprise from the sudden appearance of the hose in her mouth and as she felt air rush into her, causing her to puff and inflate like a balloon rapidly, her cheeks puffing due to the excess air going into her.

"Ho ho ho!" a familiar cartoony voice responded as he appeared before the inflating Toferette. "Hope you like your surprise!"

Toferette's eyes widen as she saw Roger Rabbit himself appear before her, as her body grew and rounded with her purple bikini stretching around her, giving a nice, snug, hold onto her.

Roger Rabbit chuckled and laughed as he watched Toferette inflate bigger and rounder. "Ho ho, you're gonna be the biggest toon in Toon Town yet!" he told Toferette, pressing a button on the Suck O Matic to quicken the inflation.

Toferette muffled as she felt herself inflating quicker, growing past 10ft. as her arms and legs began to sink into her. She slowly calmed herself and take into the inflation, blushing and actually enjoying her inflation.

Roger Rabbit chuckled as he looked at the inflating Toferette. "Oh ho, you're bigger than me when I inflated!" he said. "But unlike what happened to me, you won't be deflating anytime soon!"

Toferette didn't seem to mind as she flapped her hands before feeling her groin press against the ground, making her unable to move at all as she grew and ballooned, going up to 20ft. in roundness and still going.

Roger Rabbit grabbed the hose, waiting for when he thinks Toferette would be done with her inflation, chuckling.

Toferette blushed and smiled as she flapped her hands and kicked her feet as she ballooned.

"There!" Roger Rabbit announced before he unplugged Toferette of the hose and turned the Suck O Matic off.

Toferette's cheeks de-puffed, revealing her smile as she was now a 30ft. blimp balloon in a stretchy purple bikini.

"My my, you've certainly gotten big Toferette!" Roger Rabbit responded, examining the large blimp. "Hmmm... 30ft. ... perfect!" He then started rolling Toferette head first, taking her out of the studio, though smashing against the wall to do so.

Toferette giggled as she was rolled kicking her feet. "This feel so wonderful!" she said as she snugged her head against her body. "How'd you come up with a plan like this Roger?"

Roger Rabbit chuckled. "Well, I didn't come up with the plan, my lovely Jessica did." he told the huge Toferette.

Toferette giggled as she was rolled. "Then give my best regards to her then!" she replied as she was giggled.

"Now it's onto the parade!" Roger responded, rolling Toferette towards the entrance to Toon Town.

"Parade?" Toferette questioned in confusion as she was rolled.

An Hour Later

Toon Town's annual toon parade went without a hitch, and everyone cheered for the cleverly designed floats and parade balloons, but by the far the most well liked was the Toferette parade balloon celebrating the cartoon inflation. In reality, it was the ballooned blimp Toferette given an Acme Helium Pill to make her float.

Toferette smiled as she floated, looking around at all the different toons cheering for her, making her blush a deep red and wag her tail. She looked around with her eyes as she was being held by rope carrying parade people when she spotted Roger Rabbit getting kissed over by his wife, Jessica Rabbit.

The citizens of Toon Town from every known major animation studio cheered at the parade and especially the Toferette blimp, thinking that it was just a balloon copy of her.

Toferette gave a giggle as she blushed from all the cheering she was given. "Boy are they all gonna be surprised once they know it's really me." she responded as she was taken through the parade.

My half to a trade with :icontofer17: where his OC Toferette gets inflated with an Acme Suck O Matic as shown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Sorry if it's a little short ^^;

Toferette belongs to :icontofer17:

Acme placement belongs to Warner Bros.

Roger Rabbit belongs to Disney
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ToferTheAkita Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the parade balloon part too! Great story! :D
ww07kid Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
^^ thanks
Ginzo25 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I loved the paread balloon part!
ww07kid Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2011
^^ thanks man

I added in that just for :icontofer17:
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